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We meticulously work on becoming Europe’s Nr. 1 digital private bank for millennials. Soon you’ll be able to invest alongside institutional investors in alternative assets such as classic cars and art pieces - pre-selected by our expert committee.

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Our Services

Access to a
Variety of Assets

Invest in uncorrelated alternative assets such as classic cars, art or cryptocurrencies. Due to our fractional ownership offering, entry barriers are almost non-existent.
Along with institutional grade investment products (funds, bonds, certificates) or stocks, your portfolio has never been more diversified.

Superior Performance

Alternative assets such as classic cars or artwork have shown an extraordinary performance compared to the rather moderate growth rate of traditional markets. Now for the first time in history, Cometum adds those assets to the capital markets environment and thus to your portfolio as a digital share.

Additional Diversification

With Cometum you can improve your portfolio diversification. Alternative assets are largely uncorrelated with traditional asset classes. Thereby providing a downside hedge -- especially in times of macro-economic shocks, such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

Trading Solution

Our secondary market provides a platform to trade already tokenized assets with other investors. No more minimum holding period - more opportunities to shape your portfolio.

Banking Services

Our one-stop ecosystem also provides a digital banking solution to manage your wealth comfortably.
No need to switch between applications in order to organize your investments and payments.
The security of your account is of utmost importance to us - regardless of whether it is about protecting your privacy or your money.

How investing with Cometum works


Our expert committee pre-selects assets with outstanding potential for you. We then offer you the most promising assets to invest in on our primary market. You decide which investment suits you best.


At the end of the funding stage, your invested capital is converted into the corresponding number of shares (invested capital / price per share). On our platform, these shares are called "token". You can find a more detailed explanation below in the FAQs.


During the investment horizon, our secondary market allows you to trade your shares in order to yield additional profit. You can buy or sell token, or simply hold them for the entire investment period.


As soon as the investment horizon expires, the current value of the asset is determined by experts. This value helps us to achieve the best possible selling price. You participate 1:1 on the difference between purchase price and selling price according to your token holdings.

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